Vicente Delgado (7th, $213,452) and Juan Pardo (5th, $355,886) were disappointed in the Accessible FT at GGMillion$ Week ME.

Vicente Delgado (7th, $213,452) and Juan Pardo (5t...

In the final table of the special edition of GG Million$, where a prize of $5 million is guaranteed due to a big week, there are two Spaniards at the table, Vicente Delgado and Juan Pardo .

With both men performing well and holding two of the three biggest stacks at the table, we expect at least one win in this multi-million dollar game An outstanding result, with a first prize of $998,000. There’s always something wrong with the table because it’s poker, but it must have been really bad that the open-top bus set up for the festivities had two flat tires.

Well, unfortunately, we had two crashes in a row, which makes it all the sweeter. The importance of the prizes we received from players in the several price increases.

The first warning that something was going to go wrong tonight was “codelsa” who gave a failed multiple bluff from a double table against Trips de Jotas. The bluff hit and took the points lead from the beginning. For him, nothing could improve.

The player from Estepona had no deck as an ally, he lost 90% of the pot and when it was his turn he had to double his bet and wait for hisNone Finding a favorable situation and not finding two cards worth tryinguntil he was almost blind.

The homework he brought allowed him to study Konstantin Maslak and Sven Andersson survived, so this defeat was much smaller than the first two games in August, when He reached the final table on the bubble and in ninth place(7th, $213,452).

Juan seems to be doing pretty well, at least so far, as the game is already an hour and a half into the game at this point. He was able to stay in the lead because he called so well and was successful post-flop with complex hands like 99, a hand he held multiple times and became the chip leader .

However, our only Spanish representative had no chance of winning all-in throughout the evening. In addition to doubling some short stacks early on, he also got beat on two key flips in the thick of the tournament, helping to secure Arsenii Malinov‘s stellar comeback andredpillgame ‘Undisputed leadership. strong>”, despite eliminating “fluid_solid” between setbacks to boost the consolation number (5th, $355,886).

David Peters Malinov’s machismo prevents him from entering HU, but the advantage gained through “redpillgame” makes up for the obvious direct advantage of high rollers.

  1. redpillgame $998,294
  2. David Peters $770,829
  3. Arsenii Malinov $595,430
  4. Ding Biao $460,178
  5. Juan Pardo $355,886
  6. fluid_solid $275,465
  7. Vincent Delgado$213,452
  8. Sven Anderson$165,634 $165,634
  9. Konstantin Maslak$128,760

Vicente Delgado (7th, $213,452) and Juan Pardo (5t...

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  • The text discusses the final table of a poker tournament with two Spanish players, Vicente Delgado and Juan Pardo. The writer expects at least one of them to win the multi-million dollar game, but unfortunately, they both faced setbacks and did not have a chance to win.

  • This text discusses the presence of two Spanish players at the final table of a high-stakes poker tournament with a guaranteed $5 million prize. It mentions their strong performance and their chances of winning a significant cash prize.

  • The text discusses the final table of a poker tournament where two Spanish players, Vicente Delgado and Juan Pardo, performed well but ultimately did not win. Despite some setbacks, the overall winner was redpillgame, who took home a prize of $998,294.

  • It appears that both Vicente Delgado and Juan Pardo performed well in the GG Million$ final table, but ultimately did not secure a win. Despite some setbacks, they were still able to earn significant cash prizes. The overall winner, redpillgame, took home the top prize of $998,294.

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