The importance of responsible gaming in the industry

The importance of responsible gaming in the indust...

The penultimate week of April has begun , another episode of MarcaPoker is back. The Spanish radio show about this mind sport is back with interesting topics to ensure a good time for all podcast and poker lovers. The show is celebrating its 214th broadcast and is therefore preparing the following topics:

  • Conversation with Cristina GarcĂ­a on sustainable and responsible gaming platforms .
  • Santi Garcia Exhibition about one of the greatest players in history, Greek Archie Kalas, a player who turned $50 into $4 million, but ended up losing everything within a few years.
  • The Best Live Review – A tournament currently in progress.
  • A summary of the week’s most important news.

You can listen to this and more in a recorded broadcast from Announcer David Luzago Click on the digital player below:

  • What is Macau Poker?

The world of poker is more fashionable than ever, with hundreds of thousands of players already playing around the world. That’s why they deserve a place.

David Luzago is the host of MarcaPoker.

Marca Poker Offer You get all the news from the world of poker in one broadcast; interviews, news, debates, rankings, live events, advice and everything you can imagine about the world of poker everything of.

All the latest news from the World of Solitaire by David Luzago , One of the most important voices in Spanish poker. Players, announcers and organizers of countless events are responsible for room management and presentation.

The importance of responsible gaming in the indust...

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  • This text is promoting the MarcaPoker radio show, which covers various topics related to poker. It mentions specific segments in the upcoming episode, such as interviews, news, debates, and live event reviews, promising an entertaining experience for poker enthusiasts. The text also highlights the credentials of the host, David Luzago, as an important figure in the Spanish poker scene.

  • Reymundo.daugherty

    I think this text is advertising the Spanish radio show MarcaPoker, which discusses various topics related to poker. It mentions upcoming topics, including interviews and reviews, and highlights the show’s host, David Luzago, as an important voice in Spanish poker. Overall, it seems like an interesting program for poker enthusiasts.

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