The gang that managed to beat the casino, and their method

The gang that managed to beat the casino, and thei...

Curiosity The gang who managed to beat the casino and how A few years ago a group of men figured out how to win money at roulette in Europe using a never-before-discovered system admitted it.

La banda que logró ganarle al casino, y su método

How many people rush to figure out how to beat the casino , especially when it comes to roulette. How many times have we listened to the unassailable formulas of gambling gurus to get more money than we bet. Typical sector game like picking consecutive numbers but not in cloth but in roulette?

Or a book written with a more successful recipe, such as B. 13 vs. Bank , which expresses a system where playing with 12 chips half-full, covering 66% of the board yields a high probability of success. As long as it doesn’t come out…

However, after so many words and pages, the story emerges of a band that can beat the casinos. They are not gambling experts, they are scientific experts. The group is led by a Croatian physicist who goes by the pseudonym ” Niko Tosa” . The other members were a Hungarian woman named Livija Pilisi and a Serbian businessman Nenad Marjanovic . It is said that the three of them made half a million pounds overnight.

On March 15, 2004, the band entered the Carmen Hall of the Ritz Club in London Casino for the first time I love her the most . For weeks, the Tosa gang had been playing roulette at the same table , which caught the attention of the guards, who eventually kicked the gang out without being able to prove anything to them. For years, the gang stopped patronizing major European casinos , not because they wanted to, but because they were simply denied entry . With this in mind, Bloomberg reporter Kit Chellel set out to dig deeper into the case.

Tosa law in the casino

Chellel tracks down Tosa, who confesses how he succeeded. As it turned out, he found a hole in the wheel system that spins the roulette . With use, the wheels develop small imperfections that turn into patterns. You just have to look closely to spot them.

These patterns are drop zones , ie slopes . As the ball goes up the ramp, it loses speed and falls faster into the detectable drawer area. That’s why Tosa and his partners are betting on nearly 15 numbers per game, which are in the most likely area to fall .

In practice, when the dealer throws the ball, the three players will wait six or seven seconds, then place their bets quickly, matching the 15 numbers assigned to them , as if telepathically. Within ten times, they will only lose one or two times, no more, but if they win, it will far outweigh the loss. After practice, this method was perfected, and the Tosa Gang won 70% of the bets .

Ritz Casino London.

Of course , the frequent jackpots were a wake-up call for the casinos – especially the Ritz – who even dismantled the roulette tables and equipment themselves to see if there was a bug or system that caused them to win, but they never found out or paid attention to anything. When the three arrived at the Ritz one night, the police who were waiting for them took them to the police station for questioning. There was only Marjanovic speaking, who said he was a seasoned professional gambler who won 70 percent of his bets and limited his winnings out of “self-discipline.” When asked if they used a computer, he replied that his only computer was in his head.

The gang was eventually banned from major casinos in Europe , so it is believed they began choosing more secluded and low-key locations. It is unclear how long it has been in operation, or whether the method was practiced by future students of the Tosa company.

When you see someone win a big prize and go to a party, maybe you’re right in front of them?

The gang that managed to beat the casino, and thei...

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    This text discusses a group of individuals who discovered a system to win at roulette in European casinos. They exploited imperfections in the wheel system to predict where the ball would land and won 70% of their bets. However, they were eventually banned from major casinos and their current activities are unknown.

  • This text describes a group of individuals who were able to beat the casinos by exploiting patterns in the roulette wheel. They strategically placed their bets on the most likely numbers to win and won 70% of the time. However, they were eventually banned from major casinos and had to choose more discreet locations to continue their operations.

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