Stiva on SSOP: “We know what players like.”

Stiva on SSOP: “We know what players like.”

Starting tomorrow at Santa Fe Casino is the SSOP, the new Santa Fe Poker Series, a four-game tournament ‘s festival breaks out withCS Poker Eventin one of the best locations in the region.

This debut comes at the end of the season, but it shows what we want to achieve in an impressive 2024, against the backdrop of Cristian Stival , one of the partners and owners of CS Poker Events and a talented player in the best tournaments in the region.

Ahead of the SSOP, CodigoPoker spoke with Stival, who previewed what will happen in the coming days and revealed some highlights of his work.

-How did the idea for SSOP come about? – In CS Poker Events we have been working for many years on the most prestigious and high-quality events in the country and in South America, especially at the KSOP in Brazil, and now we are lucky enough to be acquainted with the commercial teams of Casino Santa Fe and Boldt Group physical casinos This gave us the opportunity to develop this SSOP in a very spectacular location for us. This merger of teams gives us the opportunity to create a space in which we can develop all our potential and creativity, increase the prestige of the events we host and give the region the status it deserves, just as the nation’s coastal areas deserve Same.

-What does this new series mean for Santa Fe Casino? Partnering with a company like CS Poker Events provides a guarantee of quality and Casino Santa Fe aims to position itself as one of the most important companies in high-level poker. We are one of the nation’s premier companies with exciting entertainment products that poker players love. We have everything you need to provide players with innovative, creative and fun tournaments. This series has been a successful project for all of us.

-What about you personally? -It’s a huge challenge for me to be able to do my part to get Santa Fe Casino back to where it should be on the national poker tour. Although there are multiple options and opportunities to participate in national competitions, usually only one or at most two competitions are offered. Our intention is to launch a series in 2024 that is a pure week of poker with a variety of tournaments where players can participate, have fun and have a great time in a location with a spectacular hotel and a host of Tournament, does have all the modes.

That’s why together with Marcos Grassi we are very picky, looking for a workplace that can fully exploit our potential and provide some of the conditions we need, because we know what the player likes and what makes him feel good. When they come here, they know they will find a well-organized environment with top-notch structure, great playability, and everything they need for a week of poker fun.

Stival will be participating in the WSOP in Las Vegas this year.

-What is the biggest challenge for you? -The biggest challenge at this stage is really time: everything is organized very quickly and we struggle to get everything right. Our great advantage is that we have a highly collaborative environment at all levels of the company, from management to casino staff, with extremely qualified personnel, a wealth of experience and an exceptional level of service.

-After the Super High Roller 250K, you now want more: This is a region that looks forward to big tournaments, isn’t it? -Santa Fe was, of course, a very important place at the time and with the dynamics of modern poker, especially in Latin America, this aggiornamiento allowed us to move the series in the direction of what players were looking for and what they felt comfortable with It will definitely be one of the top proposals in 2024.

-What were the goals of the first edition and what does the future of SSOP look like? Is there anything you can tell us in advance? -In fact, the goal of this SSOP experience is to introduce the concept of this project to players. Beyond a certain amount, we just want to show the quality of the content that is being put together and invite players to get acquainted with what will undoubtedly be one of the most attractive proposals in next year’s National Poker Series.

Stiva on SSOP: “We know what players like.”

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  • Dubuque.bobby

    Based on the text provided, it appears that the author is discussing the upcoming SSOP (Santa Fe Poker Series) tournament at the Santa Fe Casino, which is being organized by CS Poker Events. The author interviews Cristian Stival, one of the partners and owners of CS Poker Events, who talks about the idea behind the tournament and the goals they have for it. Stival mentions that partnering with CS Poker Events guarantees quality for the Santa Fe Casino and aims to position the casino as one of the most important companies in high-level poker. Stival also discusses the challenges and the future of the SSOP tournament.

    Overall, the text provides information about the SSOP tournament and the aspirations of CS Poker Events and the Santa Fe Casino.

  • It seems like the text is promoting the SSOP (Santa Fe Poker Series) and discussing the partnership between CS Poker Events and Santa Fe Casino. It highlights the goals and challenges of the event and expresses excitement for the future of SSOP. The text also mentions the involvement of Cristian Stival, a partner and owner of CS Poker Events, and his personal motivations for being part of the event. Overall, it seems like a positive and enthusiastic description of the upcoming tournament series.

  • This text provides a detailed overview of the upcoming SSOP (Santa Fe Poker Series) event at Santa Fe Casino. It highlights the collaboration between CS Poker Events and Santa Fe Casino, as well as the goals and aspirations of the event organizers. The text emphasizes the high-quality experience that players can expect at the SSOP, with a focus on innovation, creativity, and fun.

    Overall, it appears that the organizers are dedicated to creating a top-notch poker tournament that will appeal to players and elevate Santa Fe Casino to a prominent position in the national poker tour. The collaboration between CS Poker Events and Santa Fe Casino seems promising, and the event is set to offer a variety of tournaments and activities for participants to enjoy.

    The text also touches on the personal challenges and motivations of Cristian Stival, one of the partners and owners of CS Poker Events, in organizing the SSOP. Stival’s dedication to providing players with a well-organized and enjoyable poker experience is evident throughout the text.

    Overall, the text provides an insightful look into the planning and aspirations behind the SSOP event, and it appears to be a promising addition to the poker tournament circuit in the region.

  • Archibald.hand

    This text is very informative and exciting for poker fans. It shows the dedication and passion that the organizers, including Cristian Stival, have for creating a high-quality poker series at Santa Fe Casino. The interview with Stival gives insight into the thought process and hard work that goes into organizing such an event. It also highlights the level of collaboration and expertise that the team brings to the table to ensure a successful tournament. Overall, it seems like the SSOP will be a top-notch event that players will enjoy and remember for years to come.

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