Rox leads 10 Latinos still in contention for most coveted bracelet at 2023 WSOP

Rox leads 10 Latinos still in contention for most...

With 4,690,000 chips, Brazilian Carlos Rox was the best representative of the region in 49th place. Day 6 saw 149 players register for a portion of the World Series main event. Mexican Diego Ramos (No. 61; 4,300,000 points) and Colombian Sergio Torres (No. 66; 4,110,000 points) also had very good chips, and the tournament At least $677,000 has been paid out to those active players who are still at the table. American Zachary Hall leads Day 5 with 16,310,000 in chips.

Hall took the tour lead, securing his big win at the World Series of Poker.

149 players called for Day 6 of the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship meeting, Main Event 54th. World Series of Poker (WSOP) at Horseshoe & The number of Paris casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada is increasing. American Zachary Hall ended Day 5 with a massive chip lead of 16,100,000 chips. He’s joined by Bryan Obregon, also from the series’ host country, with 12,295,000 points. Israel’s Liran Betito completed part of the podium countdown with 11,140,000 in chips when the clock stopped.

Rox leads 10 Latinos still in contention for most...


  • This text provides information about the chip counts and rankings of various players in the World Series main event. It highlights the performance of Brazilian Carlos Rox, Mexican Diego Ramos, Colombian Sergio Torres, and American Zachary Hall, who is currently leading with the highest number of chips.

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