Manush21 didn’t get a day off like the rest of the red team at Pokerstars.

Manush21 didn't get a day off like the rest of the...

Tournaments hosted by PokerStars during Thursday collected eight prizes worth over €10,000.

The day’s competition went smoothly. The Spanish player was very passive. His score reached double digits only after winning two turbo races in the morning.

manush21 escaped burnout

For this we have to be grateful, because one of the few times we appeared on the list of winners coincided with one of the highest prizes in the event.

“manush21” won both his and “

First prize €6,627.60 €100 Starlight Night Travel to Portugal with suitcase “nhola82”.

Spanish daily winners of multi-table tournaments

La Roja endured one of the worst tournaments in recent years, recording a paltry 10 MTTwins in total. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “sirwillia170” (SuperStack 5 €).
  2. “selasi” (SuperStack 10 €).
  3. “selasi” (SuperStack 10 €).
  4. “Luks4thewin” (larger €50).
  5. “pablozama” (SuperStack €2). *
  6. “manush21” (Bounty Night €10). *
  7. “caellou” (bounty generator €50).
  8. “AyoRocky” (Zoom PKO €30).
  9. “El Carnicer000” (PKO 10€) ). ).
  10. “RICARALL-IN” (SuperStack Turbo 5€).
  11. “Aaronbaez” (PKO €3). *

Spaniards score 3double and equalize in HU Clearly not in our favor: 10 1st vs. 16 2nd.

Manush21 didn't get a day off like the rest of the...

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  • Rhea.prohaska

    It seems like the tournament hosted by PokerStars was successful for the Spanish player manush21, who won two turbo races and the First prize of €6,627.60. However, overall, Spanish daily winners had a tough time compared to previous years with only a total of 10 MTTwins.

  • It seems like the PokerStars tournaments on Thursday were successful, with one Spanish player, manush21, winning a significant prize of €6,627.60. However, overall, the Spanish players did not perform as well as usual in the multi-table tournaments.

  • It seems like PokerStars hosted a successful tournament with Spanish players performing well. manush21 was a standout winner, taking home a significant prize. Despite some Spanish players not doing as well, there were still some notable wins recorded.

  • It seems like PokerStars hosted successful tournaments on Thursday with some Spanish players performing well and winning significant prizes. Despite a few individual successes, overall, it was a challenging day for Spanish players with fewer wins compared to previous years.

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