KSOP GGPoker: Celso Sirtoli since Daily Single Reentry Turbo

Celso Sirtoli beats a final table full of regulars...

A major new addition to the KSOP GGPoker Premium schedule is the daily single re-entry Turbo tournament, which will be played on most nights of the event. On Friday (04) the first race took place and was won by Celso Sirtoli from Rio Grande do Sul.

Recognized as one of the biggest regulars at KSOP GGPoker, Celso was already the 2019 Ranked Champion for another run, beating 118 entrants to claim R$21,500. The tournament buy-in is R$1,000.

“It’s great to be a champion, first place is always great. I’ve won the KSOP GGPoker ranking, I’ve been lucky and enjoyed it.” “Yesterday I already made the final table by KO , into the straight in the warm-up and then we’ll go into the main event,” said the champion.

To win title Celso must be in Some very well-known names were overtaken at the final table. Like Luiz Joanello (2022 RJ Main Event Champion), Frederico Tur (2023 Main Event Iguazú Champion), Juan Manuel Perez, Pedro Paulo Vilas and others.

Celso is an experienced player and has a good head-up advantage early on in the tournament, but none of the aforementioned players can match him in a 1×1 match Get the championship. Danilo Ronnie fights for the title till the end. But it was a day for the gauchos, and after a pre-flop all-in of J9 vs 99, Sirtoli hit the river on the 4Q36J table and won the tournament.

“The stadium will be much calmer now.” With R$ 21,500 in prize money, you can play in all tournaments. I’ll try to stay strong in the Main Event, that’s more of my specialty. said winner Celso Sirtoli.

Check the final table prizes:

1. Placement – ​​Celso Sirtoli – R$31,500

2nd Placement – ​​Danilo Rony – R$15,400

3rd Place – Juan Manuel Perez – R$11,200

Celso Sirtoli beats a final table full of regulars...


  • This text announces a new tournament addition to the KSOP GGPoker Premium schedule and highlights the victory of Celso Sirtoli, a previous ranked champion. It also mentions some notable players who were overtaken at the final table. Overall, it provides information about the tournament results and the comments of the winner, Celso Sirtoli.

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