Hilton Laborda leads Brazil into Day 5 of WSOP Main Event

WSOP: 441 Players Remaining, Hilton Laborda Leads...

Day 4 of the WSOP 2023 Main Event was packed with emotion. After more than an hour of hand-to-hand combat, the ITM bubble burst to the delight of everyone in the room, including those unfortunate enough to be eliminated.

After 12 hours of play, 441 chips were credited, making the dream of winning $12,100,000 and the long-awaited bracelet come true. 14 of them were Brazilians. The highest-ranked of them all was an old acquaintance: Hilton Laborda, with $2,895,000.

The Amazonian finished 36th in the Main Event 12 years ago, the best finish ever for a Brazilian, and won $242,636. On the other hand, anyone who pays close attention to him is a novice. Vitor Pilon entered his first WSOP and came in with 2,670,000.

Pro Thiago Crema is in the top 3 with players with over 100 BBS and 2,500,000 appearances. The Brazilian chip leader Arthur Campos started Day 4 with 2,385,000 in chips.

Further up are Rafael Moraes (1,880,000), Gustavo Mastelotto (1,510.0 00), Diego Emp Erador (1,115,00 0), Carlos Rox (769,000), Eduardo Silva (730,000) and Ariel Celestino (490,000) to name a few.

The chip leader is American Ryan Tosoc with an incredible 5,120,000, followed by Mitchell Halverson (5,100,000) and Aditya Systla (5.075.00). 0). John Racener (3,710,000), Nikita Luther (3,550,000), Chance Kornuth (3,200,000), Michael Duek (2,670,000), Romam Hrabec (2,060,000) and Oscar Alache (1,975,000) are still alive, just to name a few of the top 100 foreigners

All survivors have received at least $37 .500. Day 5 starts at 4pm BST with big blind stakes of 10k/25k. The average stack is 1,365,000, or about 54 big blinds.

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Check out the Brazilians’ chip counts:

Hilton Laborda 2,895,000

Vitor Pilon 2,670,000

Thiago Crema 2,500 .00 0

Arthur Campo 2,385,000

Enrique Lorenzo 2,200,000

Rafael Moraes 1,880,000

Carlos Roques 1,690,000

Rodrigo Benqui 1,650,000

Gustavo Mastellotto 1,510,0 00 0

Luis Donelles 1,275,000

Diego Emperador 1,115,000

Eduardo Silva 730,000

Ariel Celestino 490,000

Luis Abdullah 140,000

WSOP: 441 Players Remaining, Hilton Laborda Leads...

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  • This text provides a detailed account of the fourth day of the 2023 WSOP Main Event, highlighting the emotion and excitement surrounding the tournament. It mentions the high stakes, notable Brazilian players, and the current chip counts, including the American chip leader.

  • This text provides a detailed account of the fourth day of the WSOP 2023 Main Event, highlighting the emotions, notable players, and chip counts of Brazilian participants. It also mentions the prize money and announces the beginning of Day 5. It provides comprehensive information for poker enthusiasts to follow the tournament.

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