Grassi and Sbrissa Lead Godzilla DeepStack Day 1A

Grassi and Sbrissa Lead Godzilla DeepStack Day 1A

The new Godzilla DeepStack kicked off at Madero Poker with 48 players paying $120,000 buy-in on Day 1A, but only 17 players made it through Advance

After 11 levels of play, Marcos Rodriguez Grassi and Nicolas Sbrissa have 260,000 chips and are currently tied for the top of the leaderboard as we wait for more Many when starting a session.

Following behind are Walter Qualenta (with 187,000 points), Pablo Banquero (with 177,800 points), >Sergio Janin scored 174,500 points and Diego Justo scored 172,300 points.

At the same time Holi O. Kostic, Samuel Yin, Fernando Di Francisco,

In any case, there is still a lot to do. The races are about to begin with Round 1B kicking off this Tuesday at 2.30pm CET, while Wednesday will be rounds for Round 1C and 1D Turbo, which will determine the title fight for Round 2 starting on Thursday .

Godzilla DeepStack Count

Stack Players Nicolas Sbrissa – 260,000 Marcos Rodriguez Grassi – 260,000 Walter Quarenta – 187,000 Pablo Ezequiel Banquero – 177,800 Sergio Gabriel Janin – 174,500 Diego Jus to – 172,300 Marcelo Belleri – 156. 2 00 Silvina Solano – 155,200 Maximiliano Essayan – 138,000 Adrian Fernando Romeo – 129,000 Gonzalo Araujo – 116,000 Alejo Lo Feudo – 84,400 Mariana Di Girolamo 83,200 Diego Estevez – 67,0 00 Adrian Dario Jimenez – 52,800 Hector Ariel Alegre – 50 .000 Matías Gastón De la Sala – 19,000 Technical Data Sheets

Tournament: Godzilla Deepstack 100KBuy-In: $120,000Starting Chips:45,000Re-entry:Closing June 8Day 1A:Monday, July 3Day 1B:Today Tuesday 7/4 – 2.30pm (11 steps) Day 1C:Wednesday, 07.05. – 2.30pm (11 steps) Day 1 Turbo: Wednesday, 07.05. – 8pmDay 2:Thursday, 7.7. – 2:30pm (10 60ft levels)Last day:Friday, 7.7. – 2:30pm (until winner is determined)

Tournament: Second ChanceBuy-in: $60,000Starting stack: 35,000Re-entry:Level 6 reachedDay 1:Thursday, 6.7. – 20.00 (13 30ft classes)Day 2:Friday 7 July – 15.30 (until winner is announced)

Grassi and Sbrissa Lead Godzilla DeepStack Day 1A

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  • This text provides information about the Godzilla DeepStack poker tournament, including the number of players, chip counts of the top players, and the schedule of the tournament. It also mentions the Second Chance tournament with its buy-in, starting stack, and schedule.

  • Based on the text, the Godzilla DeepStack tournament at Madero Poker seems to have a high buy-in and attracted a smaller number of players. The top players with the highest chips are Marcos Rodriguez Grassi and Nicolas Sbrissa, and the tournament will continue with different rounds to determine the title fight.

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    It seems like a detailed report on the progress of the Godzilla DeepStack poker tournament at Madero Poker, highlighting the top players and upcoming rounds. The tournament structure and schedule are also provided for readers to follow along.

  • This text provides detailed information about the ongoing Godzilla DeepStack poker tournament at Madero Poker, including current chip leaders and upcoming schedule. It shows a high level of organization and excitement for the event.

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