GGPoker’s CCP: Danilo Barreto is the Main Event winner

Danilo Barreto is GGPoker’s CCP Stage 4 Main Event...

GGPoker’s CCP, a household name, achieved its greatest glory in the fourth stage of the 2023 season. Regular player Danilo Barreto dropped a few shots in the series main event and ended up with a main event winner’s scream to end the stage in the best possible way.

The runner from Paraiba João Pessoa, traveled to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, and saw his efforts rewarded with the most coveted stage title. Danilo has added another CCP by GGPoker trophy to his collection, and this is by far the largest of them all. Barreto had R$13,500 in prize money in his account after 231 entrants took part in the R$350 tournament.

“Winning the Main Event feels really good. I’ve been to final tables before and finished fourth and third, but I’ve never been in. It’s exciting. The adrenaline in the game is so high. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the final table players, HU was very tough. It was awesome,” said the champion.

With a guarantee of R$ 50,000, the Main Event was a huge success, raising over R$ 80,000. On the final day, 23 contestants won prizes, with Danilo taking home the grand prize. But he didn’t have it easy.

The champion performed well at the final table to take the title, but had to face strong opposition in heads-up play, and the winner, Fernando Lopes, achieved this to his credit. After passing the final level, Barreto successfully became the champion of the biggest event in the series and was included in GGPoker’s CCP list.

This decision is also interesting. The father and son attended the final and fought for the championship. Father Nildinho even received a trophy for third place. His son Vinicius finished fourth, which is a good story.

View final table prize pool:

1 – Danilo Barreto – 13,500 R$ 2 – Fernando Lopez – R$8,0003 – Nildinho – R$ 6,0004 – Vinicius Sales – 5,000 reais5 – Thiago Marquez – R$ 4,0006 – Guillerme Cotto – R$ 3,1007 – Isaias Lucena – R$ 2,4558 – Luis Barça – R$ 1,7509 – Fábio Nóbrega – R$ 1,400

Danilo Barreto is GGPoker’s CCP Stage 4 Main Event...

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  • This text seems to be a summary or a report about a poker tournament held by GGPoker. It highlights the achievements of player Danilo Barreto, who won the main event and took home a prize of R$13,500. It also mentions the participation of a father and son duo in the tournament.

  • This text seems to be discussing the success of a player named Danilo Barreto in a poker tournament. It highlights his achievement of winning the main event and earning a significant prize money. Additionally, it mentions the presence of his father and son in the tournament, with his father also receiving a trophy for his performance.

  • This text seems to be a report on a poker tournament held by GGPoker, specifically highlighting the success of player Danilo Barreto in winning the main event. The author also mentions the presence of Barreto’s father and son in the tournament. Overall, it provides information on the prize pool and the achievements of various players in the tournament.

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