EPT: Dominik Nitsche doubles on first move of ME Day 1 B

Dominik Nitsche cracks the first hand of Day 1B of...

Day 1B of the EPT Paris Main Event takes place on Tuesday, with a number of stars lining up to qualify for the €5,300 buy-in. To do this easily, you need to collect as many chips as possible. Now imagine that you start to “double up,” which is exactly what happened to German Dominik Nitsche.

In the first hand, he won the 600 big blind pot against Japanese player Tsugunari Toma and doubled his starting stack. According to the PokerNews website, the blinds were still at 100/100 when the match took place and the pair had exactly 30,000 in chips.

The Japanese player made a small raise at MP and saw Nitsche left 1,200 chips 3-bed . The action went back to Tsugunari, who announced a 4-bet with 3,900 chips, and Dominik just called. The flop came and the Japanese decided to bet 7,800 chips, almost the value of the pot.

The German called with just top pair and saw one of the guys give him a 3-bet on the turn. This time Tomas bet 8,300 chips and Dominik called. The river came with a 1 and the Japanese player went all-in for 10,000 chips, followed by a 100 big blind. Nitsche quickly called the 3-bet and experienced a showdown.

Dominik broke the Japanese player’s KK and grabbed the 60,000 chip pot, doubling the starting chip in the first hand. The Asian player quickly went to the cashier to register for a restart, as only one restart is allowed in the EPT Main Event. The blind time was 60 minutes, which was a dream for the Germans.

Dominik Nitsche cracks the first hand of Day 1B of...

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  • Griffin.fisher

    This text describes an exciting poker hand where Dominik Nitsche doubled his starting stack, eliminating a Japanese player with a strong hand. The blind time of 60 minutes was favorable for Nitsche and contributed to his success in the tournament.

  • This text provides a detailed and exciting account of a hand in the EPT Paris Main Event, showcasing Dominik Nitsche’s skill and success in doubling his starting stack in the first hand. The narrative captures the intensity and strategic thinking involved in high-stakes poker tournaments.

  • This text describes a tense poker hand between Dominik Nitsche and Tsugunari Toma at the EPT Paris Main Event. Nitsche managed to double up in the first hand, knocking out Toma in the process. The blind structure favored Nitsche’s aggressive play style.

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