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Chile’s ‘FC_vnzla’ leads on second date

Chile's 'FC_vnzla' leads on second date

FC_vnzla” from Chile defeated “Florcito24” from Argentina in a heads-up match and became the champion of the second match of the Latin American League in March strong> .

During the evening live broadcast on the Twitch channel, 148 players were present. In addition to the second place prize, runner-upFlorcito24 also won the $30 envelope he had been waiting for before the final table. Third place went to Bolivia’s “supermenu”, with a prize of $20.95.

Monthly rankings now look like this: Rankings

“Florcito24” won the $30 Mystery Bounty Envelope card⤵️

This is the card from “FC_vnzla” The Chilean team became⤵️

Latin What’s Next for America’s League

Free Contest Premium Latin American League Mystery Bounty 3A – 60 SubmissionsBuy: FREE: Thursday, March 14


LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 3 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Unlimited Repurchase x $1 | Tuesday, March 19

The final ranking the next day is crucial to the Monthly Ranking.

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Chile's 'FC_vnzla' leads on second date

LAPT Panama: Sandoval leads final table by $65,000 to become champion

LAPT Panama: Sandoval leads final table with $65,0...

The final table for the LAPT PanamaMain Event has been set. After five levels of play on the third day, Johnny Sandoval ended up with 3,900,000 in chips, ahead of the nine players who returned to the table today to battle for the pot and the $65,000-Dollar reserved for the champion .

Jorge Hou Huang was the one who burst the money bubble when he dropped to No. 10 against Gerardo Rodriguez. Thanks to this elimination, Gerardo was able to reach the FT in fourth place with 1,250,000 in chips.

Local Hou finished in 10th place and took home $5,500.

Two Argentines also made it to the final nine. They are Lucas Cortijo with 765,000 chips and Roberto Ingino with 700,000 chips. While their stack isn’t the biggest, it’s not the smallest either, with Jose Osuna just below them with 385,000.

Play continues today at 14:00 Level 25 with lights at 20,000/40,000 and big blind of 40,000. The entire development of the final table can be followed via CodigoPoker and will be broadcast live via live streaming and live blogging.

LAPT Panama: Sandoval leads final table with $65,0...

Jack Poker launches new cash game leaderboard with $100,000 guaranteed prizes

Jack Poker is launching cash game leaderboards wit...

Probably every cash player has trouble making moves. The pot looks almost “in the pocket” and with only 3-5 opponents out, the odds of winning are as good as ever. However, chance has its own plans for the hand, and with just one card, the favorite becomes the underdog and loses the pot.

The worst thing is when this happens several times in a row and turns into a row of errors with negative variance. Typically, online rooms will only compensate for moves with strong combos, starting with gourds or racks.

The Jack Poker Room goes further than the other rooms. For 21 days, from March 25 to April 14, Gifts from the Poker Gods room will host leaderboards with a guaranteed total prize pool of $100,000.

To enter the leaderboard, you must lose a hand after calling, beta or going all-in. The announced prize pool will be divided into four parts. There will be three seven-day leaderboards, each guaranteed at $15,000, as well as a comprehensive leaderboard that will be active throughout the promotion. The prize pool is $55,000.

Poker players will receive 1 point for failure after calling or placing a bet, and 2 points for failure after going all-in. Each leaderboard has 10 prizes:

  • The first place winner gets 20%.
  • 2-3rd place – 15%.
  • 4-6th place – 10%.
  • 7-10th place – 5%.

All rewards shown include Insta-Cash. This is the bonus currency for the room and must be wagered in order to be transferred to the main account. Winners will be rewarded at the end of the leaderboard at 10:00 AM (UTC) the following day.

There’s more good news for fans of freerolls. The room now hosts 50 freerolls every week. Most of these are scheduled Monday through Friday – 8 times a day. Prize pools range from $150 to $2,500.

The cheapest tournament open to everyone.

To participate in the more expensive events, you must play for 7 days to reach a certain amount, as well as a rake deposit and spawn. Rewards are also paid out in instant cash and require wagering.

Jack Poker is launching cash game leaderboards wit...

Matheus Cardoso Stops in HU in €250 Winamax Series 6-Max KO

Matheus Cardoso Stops in HU in €250 Winamax Series...

As in all online series, you must defeat the Brazilian team to be crowned champion. In the early hours, grinder Matheus Cardoso was stopped before going heads-up in the Winamax Series €250 6-Max KO. Including bonuses, the pilot of the “Arabian I” account received €33,545.

“3sn4Vn3V” also won the ACR Poker Turbo Boost Series. In Event 11-H: $109 NL Hold’em PKO, he finished first out of 701 players and bankrolled $11,973.

“JUREMAA” also issued a championship cry. He earned $10,379 after defeating 480 opponents in Event 9-H: $109 NL Hold’em.

In the $215 Super Sunday event, Keven “2papel” Augusto (seventh place) and “Golf_1954” (eighth place) were eliminated early in the FT, winning $10,255 and $7,734 respectively bonus.

View other results:

Tournament Player Position Prize

$55 BIG10″GOLDOROMARINHO”1.$7,263$630 High Roller PKO”chipitbaby”4.$5,809$215 NL Hold’em PKO”Ratazanu1967″1.$5,035

Matheus Cardoso Stops in HU in €250 Winamax Series...

Manush21 didn’t get a day off like the rest of the red team at Pokerstars.

Manush21 didn't get a day off like the rest of the...

Tournaments hosted by PokerStars during Thursday collected eight prizes worth over €10,000.

The day’s competition went smoothly. The Spanish player was very passive. His score reached double digits only after winning two turbo races in the morning.

manush21 escaped burnout

For this we have to be grateful, because one of the few times we appeared on the list of winners coincided with one of the highest prizes in the event.

“manush21” won both his and “

First prize €6,627.60 €100 Starlight Night Travel to Portugal with suitcase “nhola82”.

Spanish daily winners of multi-table tournaments

La Roja endured one of the worst tournaments in recent years, recording a paltry 10 MTTwins in total. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “sirwillia170” (SuperStack 5 €).
  2. “selasi” (SuperStack 10 €).
  3. “selasi” (SuperStack 10 €).
  4. “Luks4thewin” (larger €50).
  5. “pablozama” (SuperStack €2). *
  6. “manush21” (Bounty Night €10). *
  7. “caellou” (bounty generator €50).
  8. “AyoRocky” (Zoom PKO €30).
  9. “El Carnicer000” (PKO 10€) ). ).
  10. “RICARALL-IN” (SuperStack Turbo 5€).
  11. “Aaronbaez” (PKO €3). *

Spaniards score 3double and equalize in HU Clearly not in our favor: 10 1st vs. 16 2nd.

Manush21 didn't get a day off like the rest of the...

“Hazael24” from Mexico is the third winner in March.

“Hazael24” from Mexico is the third winner in Marc...

Hazael24″ from Mexico is the big winner of the third match of the LATAM LEAGUE in March. He beat the Argentinian“angeliks911”in a thrilling final,which was a very close final.

There are 143 players, 5 of them. repeat purchase. The winner of the $30 Mystery Bounty Envelope is #16 “Alberick1.”

With only one date left, the fourth, you can qualify for free on Thursday and Saturday. Our next live broadcast on the Twich Channel will be a Serie A Cup match on Sunday.

You can view the updated rankings here

See >Heads-up live broadcast. You can watch replays of the entire tournament on our TWICH channel.

What’s next for our Latin American league? ⤵️



LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 4 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Unlimited Repurchase x $1 | Tuesday, March 26

“Hazael24” from Mexico is the third winner in Marc...

Pablo Siqueira leads day three of BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event

Pablo Siqueira leads day three of BSOP Sao Paulo M...

On Day 2 of the BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event, which featured nearly 150 eliminations, Pablo Siqueira amassed a massive 1,755,000 in chips and took the lead. Currently, the player from Goiânia has 87 Bbs, while Alan Karas from Paraná (1,730,000) has 86 Bbs.

Following the leaders are the players who will perform well in 2023. WSOP champion Gabriel Schroeder is fourth with 1,400,000 chips. The latest winner of the BSOP rankings, Willian Cestari, has 1,125,000 chips and is in eighth place out of 52 qualifiers.

Among the other qualifiers are players of the caliber of Luis Gustavo Kamei (ranked 18th – 825,000), Marcelo Medeiros (29th – 690,000), Mourinho Lillo Fidelis (31st – 650,000), Cyril Sarouf (39th – 430,000), Gabriel Costa (44th – 310,000) and Fernando Nogami (49th – 215,000).

Pablo Siqueira leads day three of BSOP Sao Paulo M...

Papi Games enters the poker market with freerolls and many advantages

iGaming giant Papi Games enters the poker market w... is a Brazilian iGaming entertainment company that expanded its platform by entering the poker space in March. The launch of Mind Sports complements the extensive product offering already offered by, as well as sports betting, casino and live casino.

To celebrate the incredible partnership between Mundo Poker and PapiGames, many advantages have been created for poker players:

Every poker player loves the chance to make money without having to reach into his pocket. Therefore, PapiGames offers several free tournaments with great prizes. Between Sunday and Friday, a freeroll with a bonus of R$15,000 gives you the opportunity to top up your balance; Saturday PapiGames is even more generous, offering a bonus of R$40,000 ‘s Freeroll, a great opportunity to play poker for free and win huge cash prizes.

In addition to tournaments, the site also offers regular game tables at various limits such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Turkish Poker.

In addition to the opportunity to play for free and win real money in free-entry tournaments, Papi Games has prepared many other promotions and benefits for new users.

Meet PapiGames’ exclusive offer Game of Slots.

Game of Slots (GoS) is the best poker style casino tournament. Slot machine tournaments are structured similarly to sports tournaments, with entries and additional entries. Everyone plays the same number of spins, and the money you earn in these games are points. Players who collect the most points are ranked higher and are guaranteed the best prizes – the prize pool allocated in the slot game tournament exceeds R$ 1,000,000 every monthand each game costs R$ 50,000 to stand out every day .

Some advantages highlighted by Papi Games:

  • Human service with 24/7-support;
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: All deposits and withdrawals are made through Pix and are instant.
  • Game currency: All games are played in Brazilian Reals and there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Emotion: Enjoy unlimited emotions in the game and have fun.
  • Chat: Interact with other players – chat is free!
  • User Interface: The website has fast applications and a customizable interface to make your fun more enjoyable.
  • Security: This site is committed to fair play through optimized security features.

Here are some other valuable promotions from PapiGams

  • Welcome Pack: When When you register on the site, you will win progressive tasks and unlock a free balance of BRL 3,000, with no rollover requirements – you can withdraw or use your winnings as needed.
  • Recommend friends: You can invite up to 10 friends to play with you in Papi Games; even if there is no turnover, you can still generate 15,000 mines Yar’s bonus.
  • Free Spins: Every day, users can get 10 free spins by just spending 10 times using the win website; all bonuses for free spins are real money.
  • Daily Contest: The site also offers a daily prize pool of R$10,000; the more you play, the more points you earn , the more opportunities you have to compete for prizes.

iGaming giant Papi Games enters the poker market w...

EPT: Dominik Nitsche doubles on first move of ME Day 1 B

Dominik Nitsche cracks the first hand of Day 1B of...

Day 1B of the EPT Paris Main Event takes place on Tuesday, with a number of stars lining up to qualify for the €5,300 buy-in. To do this easily, you need to collect as many chips as possible. Now imagine that you start to “double up,” which is exactly what happened to German Dominik Nitsche.

In the first hand, he won the 600 big blind pot against Japanese player Tsugunari Toma and doubled his starting stack. According to the PokerNews website, the blinds were still at 100/100 when the match took place and the pair had exactly 30,000 in chips.

The Japanese player made a small raise at MP and saw Nitsche left 1,200 chips 3-bed . The action went back to Tsugunari, who announced a 4-bet with 3,900 chips, and Dominik just called. The flop came and the Japanese decided to bet 7,800 chips, almost the value of the pot.

The German called with just top pair and saw one of the guys give him a 3-bet on the turn. This time Tomas bet 8,300 chips and Dominik called. The river came with a 1 and the Japanese player went all-in for 10,000 chips, followed by a 100 big blind. Nitsche quickly called the 3-bet and experienced a showdown.

Dominik broke the Japanese player’s KK and grabbed the 60,000 chip pot, doubling the starting chip in the first hand. The Asian player quickly went to the cashier to register for a restart, as only one restart is allowed in the EPT Main Event. The blind time was 60 minutes, which was a dream for the Germans.

Dominik Nitsche cracks the first hand of Day 1B of...

Rodrigo Seiji wins $5,200 Titan High Roller for fifth time

Rodrigo Seiji wins $5,200 Titan High Roller for fi...

The Brazilian holds the record for wins in the $5,200 Titan High Roller, once again winning PokerStars’ most expensive event. After dominating the FT competition, Rodrigo Seiji struck a deal that earned him the gold medal and $72,956 in prize money.

As the pilot of the “Seijistar” account, the man from Paraná became concerned about the ITM bubble of its leader’s account. He opened on the button with A?Q♥ and then cashed in a 3-bet shove from András Németh, who had more chips and A♠5♣. The board of 4·9♥3·9·10♣ did not surprise Seiji and he took the pot.

The finals began with Seiji sending David “MissOracle” Yan home. In another preflop all-in, he defeated the New Zealander with A 10 against K ♦Q♠.

New leader Seiji never looked back. Just when the 9tales membership title seemed inevitable, “drew.derzh” excelled, netting thousands more after heads-up trades. The Ukrainian player won a total of $71,025.

In a friendly atmosphere, they chimed in and immediately placed their chips in the middle of the table. With K♠5♣ against J♣9♦, Seiji survived the 2Check-10-6-2♣Q♠ hand.

Rodrigo Seiji wins $5,200 Titan High Roller for fi...

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