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Diogo Pereira leads top 25 qualifiers on Day 4 of KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event

Diogo Pereira leads top 25 qualifiers on Day 4 of...

Day 3 of the KSOP South America Main Event comes to an end with just over 1% of the 2,191 entrants vying for the title. In the home event, Diogo Pereira from Rio de Janeiro leads the way with 6,630,000 chips.

CL, known as “Tim Maia”, was followed by Argentines Julio Belluscio, “Bartolo” and Christian Sare. They will have 6,280,000 and 6,250,000 chips at their disposal when they return to Riocentro Stadium in Barra da Tijuca.

Grinder Rafael Façanha is fourth with 4,955,000 chips. Minutes before the end of the third day, he defeated Argentina’s Octavio Borra with his deck. Rafael dominated with 2⁄2♠ against J♠J♣, finding one of his outs on the 2♣6♣8♦4♦A♣ board and winning the pot .

Among the other 13 Brazilians, Bernardo Peters (3,380,000) and Anthony Baranqueiros (2,945,000) stand out as senior players and pros who have cracked the main of the country’s major live tournaments competition.

Play resumes at 3:00 PM (Brazil time) with blinds of 25,000/50,000 and an ante of BB. Each has received at least 53,000 reais so far.

Number of chips

1. Diogo Pereira (Brazil) 6,630,000

2. Julio Bartolo (Argentina) 6,280,000

3. Christian Salé (Argentina) 6,250,000

4. Rafael Façanha (Brazil) 4,955,000

5. Pedro da Costa (Brazil) 4,600,000

6. Urreira (Brazil) 3,785,000

7. Bernardo Peters (Brazil) 3,380,000

8. Daniel Cunha (Brazil) 3,030,000

9. Anthony Baranqueiros (Brazil) 2,945,000

10. José Echeverría (Chile) 2,940,000

11. Andre Felipe Cabrini (Brazil) 2,145,000

12. Francisco Neto (Brazil) 2,070,000

13. Lucas de Freitas (Brazil) 2,030,000

14. Martin Pinero (Argentina) 1,865,000

15. Hugo Santana (Brazil) 1,840,000

16. Rafael Pfleger (Brazil) 1,780,000

17. José Grill (Argentina) 1,525,000

18. Fabian Ortiz (Argentina) 1,375,000

19. Damien Planck (Germany) 1,375,000

20. Jose Luis Barreiro (Argentina) 1,080,000

21. Rubens Picario (Brazil) 1,025,000

22. Bernardo Set Camara (Brazil) 895,000

23. Nicolas Godoy (Argentina) 880,000

24. Marcos Grassi (Argentina) 535,000

25. Richard Falcao (Brazil) 395,000


1. 2,000,000 reals

2. 1,200,000 reais

3. 725,000 reais

4. 455,000 reais

5. 330,000 reais

6. 262,000 reais

7. 214,000 reais

8. 181,200 reais

9. 155,000 reais

10-11. 135,000 reais

12-13. 116,000 reais

14-15. 97,000 reais

16-17. 79,500 reais

18-21. 65,000 reais

22-25. R$ 53,000

Diogo Pereira leads top 25 qualifiers on Day 4 of...

KSOP GGPoker SA: Rafael Mota confirmed to attend Ultra HR

Rafael Mota Confirms Participation in KSOP GGPoker...

KSOP GGPoker South America’s historic Super High Roller is a BRL 100,000 buy-in event that will feature a star-studded field. On Thursday (18th), the organization announced the name of Rafael Mota, a businessman from Sao Paulo.

Raphael often participates in Brazilian tournaments. Playing poker is a hobby and he likes to have a good time. Take part in the roller derby championship and will try to achieve another major victory in your career and make history. The casual player has already participated in KSOP GGPoker final tables, including a seventh-place finish at the 2022 HR Fortaleza event. He also finished second at the 2021 WSOP and in the final leg of the series’ Main Event in 2022.

For the “casual” player competing against the big names . This player is experienced in such tournaments and knows the way to victory. He will compete with famous names from the world and Brazilian scene such as Felipe Boianovsky, Dan Cates, Mustapha Kanit, Lucio Lima, Alex Livingston, Léo Rizzo, Leandro Zavodini, Scott Ball, Ariel Bahia and others.

The South American leg will take place in Rio Centro from January 24 to February 7, and you can follow all the details on Mundo Poker. Meanwhile, the Super High Roller will take place from January 27th to 29th and will be broadcast live on MundoTV where you can watch these great players live.

KSOP GGPoker South America’s final satellite will be held this year on Sunday at GGPoker so take the opportunity to save money and take part in this historic event.

Rafael Mota Confirms Participation in KSOP GGPoker...

KSOP GGPoker Iguazu: Warm up, will pay well

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: 101 players on final day; che...

The start of the KSOP GGPoker Iguazú came to show that the relationship between Brazil and Argentina is a success when it comes to poker. The numbers of the first tournaments already indicate that the first international stage of the circuit will be a success and, after the HR Light exploded the guaranteed, the Warm Up also achieved the same feat.

The most cost-effective competition of the event, the Warm Up had R$ 300,000 guaranteed, but the 551 entries registered made that number easily beaten. With the good number of players, the competition grossed BRL 385,700, which will turn into good prizes for the players.

The grand champion of the Warm Up will take the beautiful prize of R$ 61,000, much higher than the buy-in of only R$ 700. From second to sixth place, the prize pool will also be five digits and the first prize pool is set for position 56, which will receive R$ 1,400. The bubble should occur in the middle of the night.

In total, 101 players qualified for the Final Day, which returns now at 17:00. The overall lead was in the hands of Brazilian Rodrigo Filogenio, owner of 357,000 chips, 89 blinds. Several famous names are also among the classified, as Marcos Grassi, Guilherme Chammas, Peterson Machado, Marcelo Ruiz, Ricardo Sehnem and Fábio Murakami are some examples.

The Warm Up returns at blinds 2,000 / 4,000 and will be played today until the champion is known. The tournament is broadcast by MundoTV on Twitch and Youtube, under the command of Zig Pepice. Follow along!

Check out the prize pool at stake:

1st – R$ 61.000 2nd – R$ 40.250 3rd – R$ 29.000 4th – R$ 20.630 5th – R$ 14.500 6th – R$ 10.400 7th – R$ 8.000 8th – R$ 6.300 9th – R$ 5.200 10th and 11th – R$ 4.350 12th and 13th – R$3,700 14th and 15th – R$3,200 16th and 17th – R$2,800 18th to 21st – R$2,500 22nd to 26th – R$2,200 27th to 35th – R$1,900 36th to 44th – R$1,650 45th to 56th – R$1,400

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: 101 players on final day; che...

888poker hosts a knockout series of tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool of $2,200,000.

888poker hosts a knockout series.

For the second time this year, the Eight will announce a series of progressive elimination tournaments. The Knockout Series game is back, but this time it has “Mystery Bounty Edition” in its name. This suggests that the majority of the $2,200,000 guaranteed will be in what is currently considered the most “fashionable” multi-table tournament format.

This is the first “puzzle”.

On September 25, 2022, 888 Poker hosted its first Mystery Bounty Tournament. The following month, two similar MTTs were added to the XL Retro series calendar, and the space already has a series planned where 74% of the events will offer randomly sized rewards.

The PKO Knockout Series will be held from November 6th to 22nd, with 73 games each with a prize pool of at least US$2,200,000.

There are different buy-in prices, ranging from $5.50 to $2,100. Buy-ins for most tournaments start at just $55.

Events must have a minimum guaranteed prize pool of $1,500. Prize pools typically range from $8,000 to $25,000.

Only four events have guarantees of at least $100,000, as follows:

The classic Mystery Bounty Tournament is open to Maine contestants only. It operates many flights and award payouts start on the second day of the competition. Players level 15-18 must take action after completing late registration for all other tournaments.

Due to all these factors, this series, hosted by 888 Poker, can be considered the “first” in the history of online poker to be conducted for this particular format” Grinding” game. Previously, festival schedules held in a handful of rooms that previously hosted Mystery Bounty tournaments would host up to two or three such tournaments.

Here are the complete times for Knockout Game Series: Mystery Bounty Edition surface.

Main Event

Elimination Tournament with Mystery Prize: 21 Days, $500,000 Main Event will be held from November 16th to 21st and will cost $250.

Flights can have standard flights and “Turbo” structures, the latter structure being called hyperturbo:

The starting stack is 166.7 big blinds.

There are three blinds: 3 minutes, 6 minutes and 12 minutes.

A maximum of 10 re-entries are allowed.

The final day will be awarded to the top 14% of all registered players or all players who reach level 18.

Every night at 8:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, $25 nonstop satellite flights to Maine with guaranteed tickets for three. The first step in the process is the freeroll. Additionally, tournament tickets will be earned through winner spinners and gift drops.

888poker hosts a knockout series.

Stiva on SSOP: “We know what players like.”

Stiva on SSOP: “We know what players like.”

Starting tomorrow at Santa Fe Casino is the SSOP, the new Santa Fe Poker Series, a four-game tournament ‘s festival breaks out withCS Poker Eventin one of the best locations in the region.

This debut comes at the end of the season, but it shows what we want to achieve in an impressive 2024, against the backdrop of Cristian Stival , one of the partners and owners of CS Poker Events and a talented player in the best tournaments in the region.

Ahead of the SSOP, CodigoPoker spoke with Stival, who previewed what will happen in the coming days and revealed some highlights of his work.

-How did the idea for SSOP come about? – In CS Poker Events we have been working for many years on the most prestigious and high-quality events in the country and in South America, especially at the KSOP in Brazil, and now we are lucky enough to be acquainted with the commercial teams of Casino Santa Fe and Boldt Group physical casinos This gave us the opportunity to develop this SSOP in a very spectacular location for us. This merger of teams gives us the opportunity to create a space in which we can develop all our potential and creativity, increase the prestige of the events we host and give the region the status it deserves, just as the nation’s coastal areas deserve Same.

-What does this new series mean for Santa Fe Casino? Partnering with a company like CS Poker Events provides a guarantee of quality and Casino Santa Fe aims to position itself as one of the most important companies in high-level poker. We are one of the nation’s premier companies with exciting entertainment products that poker players love. We have everything you need to provide players with innovative, creative and fun tournaments. This series has been a successful project for all of us.

-What about you personally? -It’s a huge challenge for me to be able to do my part to get Santa Fe Casino back to where it should be on the national poker tour. Although there are multiple options and opportunities to participate in national competitions, usually only one or at most two competitions are offered. Our intention is to launch a series in 2024 that is a pure week of poker with a variety of tournaments where players can participate, have fun and have a great time in a location with a spectacular hotel and a host of Tournament, does have all the modes.

That’s why together with Marcos Grassi we are very picky, looking for a workplace that can fully exploit our potential and provide some of the conditions we need, because we know what the player likes and what makes him feel good. When they come here, they know they will find a well-organized environment with top-notch structure, great playability, and everything they need for a week of poker fun.

Stival will be participating in the WSOP in Las Vegas this year.

-What is the biggest challenge for you? -The biggest challenge at this stage is really time: everything is organized very quickly and we struggle to get everything right. Our great advantage is that we have a highly collaborative environment at all levels of the company, from management to casino staff, with extremely qualified personnel, a wealth of experience and an exceptional level of service.

-After the Super High Roller 250K, you now want more: This is a region that looks forward to big tournaments, isn’t it? -Santa Fe was, of course, a very important place at the time and with the dynamics of modern poker, especially in Latin America, this aggiornamiento allowed us to move the series in the direction of what players were looking for and what they felt comfortable with It will definitely be one of the top proposals in 2024.

-What were the goals of the first edition and what does the future of SSOP look like? Is there anything you can tell us in advance? -In fact, the goal of this SSOP experience is to introduce the concept of this project to players. Beyond a certain amount, we just want to show the quality of the content that is being put together and invite players to get acquainted with what will undoubtedly be one of the most attractive proposals in next year’s National Poker Series.

Stiva on SSOP: “We know what players like.”

Get the keys to Winamax Expresso Saloon with a Sunday surprise

Get the keys to Winamax Expresso Saloon with a Sun...

We need to talk more about next Sunday’s Sunday Surprise, scheduled for 8:30 pm in the Winamax Championship Hall.

The news that should be mentioned this morning when talking about the tournament with the most original prizes on the Internet is that this Sundaya whopping €125,000 is guaranteed. Because surprises are nice, but in a poker tournament it doesn’t hurt to have an initial budget of more than 12,500 buy-ins, right?

This week, Winamax’s sales are crossing over again. The reopening of the Expresso Saloon will be closely watched for Sunday’s surprise winner, a fringe and nostalgic take on the space’s Hyperturbo Championship.

This isn’t the first time the salon has opened its doors, but if you don’t remember the house rules, we’ll refresh your memory. After winning each espresso, we celebrated in a room decorated in the tradition of the Wild West, where we were invited to play one of the most classic hands of poker, 5-card single draw.

If you manage to tie a pair of JJs or a good hand, you will receive an extra cash bonus. But that’s not all. You can choose to accept the bonus, or risk double or nothingby playing the dealer’s biggest hand.

Choose wisely and you will have the opportunity to visit the restaurant for three hours at a time. Expresso Saloon is open from 5 o’clock. Open until 14 December

How does this affect Sunday’s surprise winner, you ask? If the card is correct, he or she can become a regular at the bar. He will receive Expresso tickets worth €3,000 and will be obliged to use them only during the promotion period.

Prize Details

  • Sunday’s winner will receive an Expresso ticket worth €3,000 to use during the Expresso Saloon promotion period (4-15 December).
  • Winners can decide how their tickets are used: for example 3,000 Expresso tickets for €1 or 12 Expresso tickets for €250.
  • Unused tickets will expire at the end of Expresso Saloon operations on December 15th at 11:59pm.

Get the keys to Winamax Expresso Saloon with a Sun...

The importance of responsible gaming in the industry

The importance of responsible gaming in the indust...

The penultimate week of April has begun , another episode of MarcaPoker is back. The Spanish radio show about this mind sport is back with interesting topics to ensure a good time for all podcast and poker lovers. The show is celebrating its 214th broadcast and is therefore preparing the following topics:

  • Conversation with Cristina García on sustainable and responsible gaming platforms .
  • Santi Garcia Exhibition about one of the greatest players in history, Greek Archie Kalas, a player who turned $50 into $4 million, but ended up losing everything within a few years.
  • The Best Live Review – A tournament currently in progress.
  • A summary of the week’s most important news.

You can listen to this and more in a recorded broadcast from Announcer David Luzago Click on the digital player below:

  • What is Macau Poker?

The world of poker is more fashionable than ever, with hundreds of thousands of players already playing around the world. That’s why they deserve a place.

David Luzago is the host of MarcaPoker.

Marca Poker Offer You get all the news from the world of poker in one broadcast; interviews, news, debates, rankings, live events, advice and everything you can imagine about the world of poker everything of.

All the latest news from the World of Solitaire by David Luzago , One of the most important voices in Spanish poker. Players, announcers and organizers of countless events are responsible for room management and presentation.

The importance of responsible gaming in the indust...

GGPoker’s CCP: Danilo Barreto is the Main Event winner

Danilo Barreto is GGPoker’s CCP Stage 4 Main Event...

GGPoker’s CCP, a household name, achieved its greatest glory in the fourth stage of the 2023 season. Regular player Danilo Barreto dropped a few shots in the series main event and ended up with a main event winner’s scream to end the stage in the best possible way.

The runner from Paraiba João Pessoa, traveled to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, and saw his efforts rewarded with the most coveted stage title. Danilo has added another CCP by GGPoker trophy to his collection, and this is by far the largest of them all. Barreto had R$13,500 in prize money in his account after 231 entrants took part in the R$350 tournament.

“Winning the Main Event feels really good. I’ve been to final tables before and finished fourth and third, but I’ve never been in. It’s exciting. The adrenaline in the game is so high. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the final table players, HU was very tough. It was awesome,” said the champion.

With a guarantee of R$ 50,000, the Main Event was a huge success, raising over R$ 80,000. On the final day, 23 contestants won prizes, with Danilo taking home the grand prize. But he didn’t have it easy.

The champion performed well at the final table to take the title, but had to face strong opposition in heads-up play, and the winner, Fernando Lopes, achieved this to his credit. After passing the final level, Barreto successfully became the champion of the biggest event in the series and was included in GGPoker’s CCP list.

This decision is also interesting. The father and son attended the final and fought for the championship. Father Nildinho even received a trophy for third place. His son Vinicius finished fourth, which is a good story.

View final table prize pool:

1 – Danilo Barreto – 13,500 R$ 2 – Fernando Lopez – R$8,0003 – Nildinho – R$ 6,0004 – Vinicius Sales – 5,000 reais5 – Thiago Marquez – R$ 4,0006 – Guillerme Cotto – R$ 3,1007 – Isaias Lucena – R$ 2,4558 – Luis Barça – R$ 1,7509 – Fábio Nóbrega – R$ 1,400

Danilo Barreto is GGPoker’s CCP Stage 4 Main Event...

The gang that managed to beat the casino, and their method

The gang that managed to beat the casino, and thei...

Curiosity The gang who managed to beat the casino and how A few years ago a group of men figured out how to win money at roulette in Europe using a never-before-discovered system admitted it.

La banda que logró ganarle al casino, y su método

How many people rush to figure out how to beat the casino , especially when it comes to roulette. How many times have we listened to the unassailable formulas of gambling gurus to get more money than we bet. Typical sector game like picking consecutive numbers but not in cloth but in roulette?

Or a book written with a more successful recipe, such as B. 13 vs. Bank , which expresses a system where playing with 12 chips half-full, covering 66% of the board yields a high probability of success. As long as it doesn’t come out…

However, after so many words and pages, the story emerges of a band that can beat the casinos. They are not gambling experts, they are scientific experts. The group is led by a Croatian physicist who goes by the pseudonym ” Niko Tosa” . The other members were a Hungarian woman named Livija Pilisi and a Serbian businessman Nenad Marjanovic . It is said that the three of them made half a million pounds overnight.

On March 15, 2004, the band entered the Carmen Hall of the Ritz Club in London Casino for the first time I love her the most . For weeks, the Tosa gang had been playing roulette at the same table , which caught the attention of the guards, who eventually kicked the gang out without being able to prove anything to them. For years, the gang stopped patronizing major European casinos , not because they wanted to, but because they were simply denied entry . With this in mind, Bloomberg reporter Kit Chellel set out to dig deeper into the case.

Tosa law in the casino

Chellel tracks down Tosa, who confesses how he succeeded. As it turned out, he found a hole in the wheel system that spins the roulette . With use, the wheels develop small imperfections that turn into patterns. You just have to look closely to spot them.

These patterns are drop zones , ie slopes . As the ball goes up the ramp, it loses speed and falls faster into the detectable drawer area. That’s why Tosa and his partners are betting on nearly 15 numbers per game, which are in the most likely area to fall .

In practice, when the dealer throws the ball, the three players will wait six or seven seconds, then place their bets quickly, matching the 15 numbers assigned to them , as if telepathically. Within ten times, they will only lose one or two times, no more, but if they win, it will far outweigh the loss. After practice, this method was perfected, and the Tosa Gang won 70% of the bets .

Ritz Casino London.

Of course , the frequent jackpots were a wake-up call for the casinos – especially the Ritz – who even dismantled the roulette tables and equipment themselves to see if there was a bug or system that caused them to win, but they never found out or paid attention to anything. When the three arrived at the Ritz one night, the police who were waiting for them took them to the police station for questioning. There was only Marjanovic speaking, who said he was a seasoned professional gambler who won 70 percent of his bets and limited his winnings out of “self-discipline.” When asked if they used a computer, he replied that his only computer was in his head.

The gang was eventually banned from major casinos in Europe , so it is believed they began choosing more secluded and low-key locations. It is unclear how long it has been in operation, or whether the method was practiced by future students of the Tosa company.

When you see someone win a big prize and go to a party, maybe you’re right in front of them?

The gang that managed to beat the casino, and thei...

KSOP Special: High Roller Light Explodes $1 Million Guaranteed

KSOP GGPoker Special: High Roller Light gives the...

The first tournament to lock numbers in the KSOP GGPoker Special has already heralded what players can expect throughout the series: explosive guarantees and huge prize pools. The first attraction scheduled to unregister is High Roller Light, which has a $1,000,000 bond but is completely oversubscribed.

As seen here, High Roller Light was a huge success with many stars on the national stage getting in early. There were 372 $4,000 entries registered to enter the competition, which is very close to the event’s all-time record and increases the guaranteed prize pool in 50% increments.

The total amount raised is $1,528,000, which should provide the champion with a nice windfall. Whoever makes this achievement at the start of the KSOP GGPoker Special has plenty of reason to celebrate. More specifically, the $210,000 site. That’s right, the winner will receive over R$ 200,000 in prize money for the coveted tournament title.

The final table values ​​are already very attractive, too, with two six-figure prizes (which you can check out below). In addition, the eyes of all the players were focused on ITM, who started at position 46. The first price range is worth 8,000 reais.

High Roller Light airs today on MundoTV. The time was set at 10:30pm. Many of the stars of the scene are still playing well, and they have what it takes for viewers to play at the highest level. stay tuned!

Check out the prize pool for the final table:

1st – $210,000 2nd – $147,000 3rd – $110,000 4th – $83,000 5th – $64,000 6th – $50,000 7th – $39,230 8th – $31,500 9th Name – $26,000

KSOP GGPoker Special: High Roller Light gives the...

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